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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Topics

Payments and Taxes

Q What payment methods do you accept?
Q My credit card was declined, what do I do now?
Q Who is responsible to pay customs duty and value-added tax (VAT)?
Q What U.S. states do you charge sales taxes in?


Q I placed my order, when will it ship?
Q What orders qualify for free shipping?
Q What countries do you ship to?
Q How long does it take to receive my package?
Q How do I track my package?
Q My package was returned to AKIRA, what do I do?


Q How long does it take to process my return?
Q How much does it cost to use a return label?
Q What items cannot be returned?
Q How do I use a USPS return label that was supplied with my order?

Customer Service

Q I'm in the neighborhood, can I pick up my order or drop off a return?
Q If I received a defective item, what should I do?
Q Can gift certificates that I bought in a store be used online and vice versa?
Q I am unsure of the size I need to order, how can I find the fit?
Q I have a question about a charge on my card, what do I do?
Q What are your customer service hours?
Q I would like to exchange an item for a different size, what do I do?

Feedback and Careers

Q I want to work for AKIRA! Where do I send my resume?
Q I would like to give feedback about an experience I had in your store. Who do I contact?