In our continuing effort to move merchandise through our DC to the sales floor as quickly and efficiently as possible, AKIRA has developed the following price ticket information requirements to guide the vendor in determining the best method for marking merchandise. Any items not ticketed will incur a fine as described in Section VIOLATION CHARGEBACKS. AKIRA requires all merchandise to be ticketed.


The following information needs to be visible on all merchandise: (INCLUDE CURRENT TAG)

  • Scannable and Human-readable UPC barcode: UPC A-format barcode must be sourced from iLabel
  • Vendor style number
  • Size (if applicable)
  • Color (if applicable)
  • Retail price

****add in APP/FTWR/ACC (chart and picture)


AKIRA has approved iLabel as a supplier of tickets and labels. If you wish to use your own supplier, a test UPC code must be sent and confirmed by your.


Some merchandise is either too small to facilitate a price ticket or is displayed in a bulk-type container. We allow these items to be treated as Prices-off or Display Priced. These items require a human readable barcode and retail price displayed somewhere on the item or display.


As our business continues to grow, AKIRA is looking to partner with vendors that provide pre-labeling services. This includes shipping our orders to us with our AKIRA label and care labels already sewn into the garment in the case of apparel, and jewelry shipped to us displayed on AKIRA hang tags in the case of accessories.


  • Ordering Price Stickers, Hang Tags, and Garment Labels
    • Ordering and scheduling shipment for price stickers, hang tags, and garment labels is the vendor’s sole responsibility.
    • Price stickers, hang tags, and main labels should be ordered from our nominated supplier, iLabel, using the order form provided at the end of this guide. *add China and LA address + contact info
      • Note: Please allow for appropriate shipping time.
    • The main label you are expected to use will be indicated on our official PO.
  • Care labels must be included on all garments and must contain the following information:
    • "AKIRA"
      • For outerwear orders, if an Azalea Wang tag is noted, please have the care label read Azalea Wang. Not AKIRA.
    • Care instructions appropriate for the fiber content
    • AKIRA‘s RN Number (148564)
    • Style Number (must match the style number listed on the official purchase order)
    • Country of Origin
  • Garment labels should be placed at the center back of tops, dresses, and bottoms. If the back is sheer or lace, it needs to be placed at the yoke/waist so it is not visible.
  • The care label should be placed 4” above the hem on the wearer's left side. For pants, the care label should be placed at the waist directly below the waistband on the wearer's left side seam.
Care Label Care Label Placement


All clothing orders require Garment Label to be sewn on or close to the neckline and/or seam as possible. Garment Label must include our Logo, Website, and Size (if applicable). Size must be on the bottom right corner.Our AKIRA Garment Label can be purchased through iLabel.

Apparel Garment Label
Apparel Garment Label


  • Suppliers must use our custom shoebox for all orders unless told otherwise
  • Talk with you Buyer for box specifications and shoebox factory contact information
  • Suppliers may make this shoebox on their own only if the Buyer confirms the sample
Shoebox outside Showbox inside


  • Individual poly bags are required for all Jewelry and Accessory Purchase Orders.
  • Ordering Price Stickers and Jewelry Carding and scheduling shipment for price stickers and jewelry carding is the vendor’s sole responsibility.
  • Price stickers jewelry carding should be ordered from our nominated supplier, iLabel, using the order form provided with each Purchase Order email. Please reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions or need the attachments.
  • The carding type you are expected to use will be indicated on our official PO (reach out to your Buyer if you have any questions on the ticketing types).


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